Officers & Board Of Trustees

Flag Officers

John Renda
Vice Commodore
Keith Bell
Rear Commodore
Jack Berger
John Viscogliosi
Thomas Gabrielle

Board Of Trustees

Trustee (2024) Philip Piscopo*
Trustee (2025) Robert Leviton*
Trustee (2026) Michael Shiffer*
Trustee (2027) Hal Wolkin
Trustee (2028) Andrew Neubardt

(* Incumbent to the year indicated)

Orienta Yacht Club founded by a group of yachtsmen that had their yachts anchored in Mamaroneck Harbor...
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Mamaroneck Harbor began to take shape with dredging and using fill to build Harbor Island Park...
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The club held its first motor boat race.
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OYC was accredited to the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound, and that year sponsored its first annual regatta under Y.R.A. rules.
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1925 the club house and property up the hill was sold to the Elks Club, leaving us with the lower portion and boat house.
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The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built seawalls around what had by then become Harbor Island Park...
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In the recent years numerous other improvements have been made to the property over the years...
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The Clubhouse was originally a boathouse, much of which was taken up with storage lockers for members’ equipment. Upstairs lived a steward who oversaw launch operations.
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Today, the Orienta Yacht Club remains a thriving club of sailors and power boaters who share a passion for the sea and the good fun and friendship that unites the yachting community.
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